Yoast WordPress SEO Insect Develops Replicate Sitemaps Using , @martinibuster

An observant search marketing professional discovered that Yoast was producing replicate sitemaps. It’s not recognized how much time this has actually been taking place, yet the head of at Yoast recognized the insect as well as kept in mind that Yoast recognizes the issue and also states it is working with a repair.

As soon as this replicate sitemap pest was uncovered nonetheless, examining various other SEO plugins disclosed that a comparable problem was occurring to various other plugins too, however that it had not been native to all SEO plugins.

Exploration of the Yoast SEO Sitemap Insect

Brenda Malone (@_brendamalone) found the pest and also tweeted to Yoast concerning it:

@yoast @jonoalderson Exists a method to switch off the replicate xml sitemaps that Yoast is developing?

page.com/page-sitemap.xml as well as


Exists a details reason these are being developed? Many thanks.

— Brenda Malone, Triple-Vaxxed and also Still Masking (@_brendamalone) March 21, 2022

A person from Yoast reacted that they learn about the insect and also have actually flagged it inside for repairing it:

Hey @_brendamalone, the simplest repair in the meantime may be to establish reroute for the ‘1’ variation to the simple variation (for each and every article kind impacted).

In the meanwhile, I have actually absolutely seen a ticket in our inner tracker to resolve this, so I’ll see if I can locate it as well as dirt it off.

— Jono Alderson (@jonoalderson) March 21, 2022

Yoast SEO Sitemap

The Yoast SEO sitemap attribute immediately produces a sitemap for various blog post kinds.

Web Page Sitemaps

As an example, a website with a sitemap for web pages will certainly release a sitemap link such as this:

/ page-sitemap. xml

Article Sitemaps

A website that does not have countless blog posts will certainly have a blog post sitemap similar to this:

/ post-sitemap. xml

A website with a great deal of blog posts might release sitemaps that resemble this:

/ post-sitemap1. xml/ post-sitemap2. xml

Yoast Match Sitemap Pest

What was uncovered is that Yoast is likewise producing replicate sitemaps.

A website that just has a solitary sitemap for “web pages” will certainly have the adhering to sitemaps:

Yoast “Web Page” Sitemaps Insect

Initial “Web Page” Sitemap:

/ page-sitemap. xml

Replicate “Web Page” Sitemaps:

/ page-sitemap0. xml/ page-sitemap1. xml

Yoast “Message” Sitemap Insect

A website that just has a solitary sitemap for blog posts will certainly have the complying with sitemap:

Initial “Article” Sitemap:

/ post-sitemap. xml

Replicate “Message” Sitemaps:

/ post-sitemap0. xml/ post-sitemap1. xml

Yoast Numerous Sitemaps for Articles

A website with several sitemaps for blog posts materializes the pest differently.

For instance, if a website has hundreds of blog posts as well as needs 3 sitemaps, their sitemaps might resemble this:

Initial “Blog Posts” Sitemaps:

/ post-sitemap1. xml/ post-sitemap2. xml/ post-sitemap3. xml

However with the Yoast sitemap pest, they currently have 2 additional sitemaps that are matches of the initial website map.

So in the above instance, this is the initial sitemap: / post-sitemap1. xml

These are the matches sitemaps of the initial sitemap:

/ post-sitemap. xml/ post-sitemap0. xml

Yoast Sitemap Pest is Survive Yoast.com

The pest can be seen on any type of website that makes use of the Yoast SEO plugin, consisting of on Yoast itself.

These Links result in similar Yoast XML sitemaps:

 https://yoast.com/post-sitemap.xml https://yoast.com/post-sitemap0.xml https://yoast.com/post-sitemap1.xml

Sitemap Insect Not Restricted to Yoast

What’s actually odd is that this sitemap pest is not restricted to Yoast.

A comparable insect can be discovered in lots of various other SEO plugins (yet not in all of them).

It’s type of unusual that numerous SEO plugins would certainly display comparable actions when it come to a pest.

Something to think about is that plugin manufacturers are bound by the WordPress open resource permit that determines that plugins as well as styles for WordPress are thought about acquired jobs. This is a historical problem that at one factor was cleared up by Matt Mullenweg himself in 2015.

Matt created:

” WordPress is under a certificate called the GPL, which essentially claims you can do whatever you like with the software program, however if you disperse adjustments or develop acquired jobs they additionally require to be under the GPL. Consider it like an Imaginative Commons Sharealike permit.

In the previous individuals weren’t certain if motifs for WordPress were acquired jobs as well as required to be GPL. In 2009 we obtained an outdoors lawful viewpoint that cleared the issue stating that the PHP in styles absolutely needed to be GPL, as well as for CSS and also photos it was optional. Essentially every person in the WP neighborhood went completely GPL, in some cases called 100% GPL, for all the data called for to run their motif (PHP, JS, CSS, art work).”

So maybe that specific strategies towards producing a sitemap might themselves be open resource as well as readily available to all the SEO plugin firms to make use of and also this might discuss why various other SEO plugins have the very same or comparable pest to the one that Yoast has.

Sitemap Insect Impacts Various Other SEO Plugins

This sitemap insect does not simply influence Yoast as well as Ranking Mathematics. It impacts various other SEO plugins, as well.

This insect has actually been verified on the complying with SEO Plugins:

  • Ranking Mathematics SEO Plugin
  • SEOPress WordPress SEO Plugin
  • AllineOneSEO WordPress SEO Plugin


If your SEOPress sitemap for “messages” begins such as this:

/ post-sitemap1. xml

There are matches that are produced on these Links:

/ post-sitemap. xml/ post-sitemap0. xml

AllineOneSEO WordPress SEO Plugin

If your AIOSEO plugin creates this link for the “articles” sitemaps:

/ post-sitemap. xml

It additionally produces these:

/ post-sitemap0. xml/ post-sitemap1. Xml

The above is real for Ranking Mathematics plugin.

WordPress Sitemap Vermin Not Almost Everywhere

Brenda Malone investigated this concern and also shared that some SEO Plugins show up to not include this insect.

The complying with SEO Plugins create sitemaps appropriately:

  • SEO Ultimate PRO WordPress Plugin
  • Squirrly SEO

Exactly How Large of an Issue is This?

The most effective technique for SEO is to make points simple for internet search engine.

The even more mistakes are presented the likelier it is that the internet search engine robots might begin locating the blunders and also creating unanticipated problems, particularly if this concern is substance by various other mistakes on a website.

The significance of SEO is search engine optimization. The simpler you make it for the internet search engine to creep and also uncover website the far better it is for SEO.

Errors are the reverse of maximizing. The even more errors are produced by a site the much less maximized a website is.

In regards to SEO, a debate can be made to lessen the result of these mistakes and also state that indeed, the website can continue hopping and also execute typically regardless of these mistakes.

Yet blunders are still the reverse of SEO.


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