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Google’s John Mueller in an Office-hours hangout addressed a concern concerning whether a huge a website with hundreds of indexed web pages affects Google’s assumption of website top quality. John Mueller addressed no, it’s not an indication of top quality and afterwards gave even more details.

Understanding of a Huge Website Benefit

There is an old suggestion in the SEO neighborhood that huge websites have a benefit over smaller sized websites.

When a smaller sized website can not obtain leading positions some will certainly shrug and also compose it off that the huge website has a benefit due to exactly how large they are.

A write-up released on Moz in 2012 supplies an instance of the idea that large brand names have a benefit:

” There’s been a great deal of discussion regarding just how Google, both by hand and also algorithmically, might prefer large brand names …

Considering that the start of the net, the ultimate benefit of huge brand names was just an issue of time.

This message has to do with why I assume that benefit was inescapable, why it’s not vanishing, and also what you can do to contend.”


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It was a grim expectation in 2012 as well as it is still a defeatist method to advertising today, pitching the suggestion that ranking formulas are set up versus smaller sized websites.

In spite of brand-new formulas like BERT as well as MUM, numerous remain to think that large websites have an intrinsic benefit.

Eliminate Reduced Executing Pages?

The individual asking the inquiry described that they wished to eliminate old web pages that are improperly executing.

However they got pushback from the website designers that insisted that making the website smaller sized would certainly lower it’s viewed benefit from being a large website.

This is the inquiry:

” So you have actually advised a number of times in the past that huge websites, that they concentrate on a smaller sized collection of web pages, I presume.

… The website I’m dealing with now, we have a great deal of web pages that … a great deal of web pages … like a thousand web pages, that do not obtain any kind of web traffic, that are old, so I have actually been advising to get rid of those.

Yet there’s a concern that our dev group

has that they were under the perception that the even more web pages that Google has actually indexed of your website, the greater the authority it credits the website …”


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The individual asking the concern takes place to connect that the dev group hesitates to eliminate web pages since they hesitate that it will certainly influence the authority of the website.

He after that asked John Mueller to “lose some light” on this suggestion of Google seeing a large website as even more reliable.

Google’s John Mueller Reviewing Large Websites as well as Authority

Screenshot of Google's John Mueller discussing website authority of big sites

Huge Websites Are Not Naturally Much Better

John Mueller stood out the bubble on the concept that huge websites, by allowing, have a benefit over smaller sized websites.

John Mueller’s response regarding a web link in between authority and also just how large a website is distinct:

” So it’s absolutely not the situation that if you have extra web pages indexed that we believe your internet site is much better.

So I believe that, at the very least, is not the situation.

Occasionally it makes good sense to have a great deal of web pages indexed.

Often they’re sort of helpful web pages to have actually indexed like that.

Yet it’s not an indicator of top quality when it come to the number of web pages that are indexed.

As well as particularly if you’re speaking about something like … 1,000, 2,000, 5000 web pages, that’s a quite reduced number for our systems generally.

And Also it’s not that we would certainly state, oh, 5,000 web pages is much better than 1,000 web pages.

For us, it’s all type of like, well, it’s a tiny internet site, as well as we use what we can take out there.

As well as naturally, like, tiny internet site is loved one. It’s not such as claiming it’s an unnecessary web site.

It could be little yet it could still be really beneficial.

Yet it’s absolutely not the situation that simply having actually even more web pages indexed signifies top quality.”


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Big is Not a Benefit

A great deal of this does not take much believing to stand out an opening in the suggestion that large websites have a benefit.

I as well as much of my ecommerce customers on a regular basis out perform huge brand names merchants.

Some could state that brand names have the ability to take advantage of their appeal to press their website greater. If those websites have a over a million web pages, just how much “press” do they truly have to take advantage of?

We are deep right into the brand-new age of all-natural language handling where AI, artificial intelligence and also formulas like BERT, Neural Matching, RankBrain, MUM all interact to utilize site words as well as pictures themselves to place web sites, reducing the impact of much less trusted signals like web links.

So it makes good sense that Mueller prevents the concept that having actually even more web pages indexed is a benefit in the existing stage of search modern technology.


Much More Internet Pages Indexed Method Greater Authority in Google?

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