Why marketers have a love-hate relationship with complexity

Henk-jan ter Brugge is director, international digital marketing and e-commerce for customer- and healthcare-tech huge Philips in Amsterdam. We overtook him about his experience with marketing and innovation.

So how did you end up in marketing? What brought you to where you are today?

I didn’t particularly study marketing, however I see individuals of all backgrounds and sell marketing nowadays. I’m not a classical marketeer as a lot of graduates believe of it.

I began at a start-up, however 7 years ago I began working for Philips and I began in the worldwide digital group. I worked for 6 months in the Chinese market in Shanghai. I worked in brand-new organization advancement. Truly to offer a service of Philips in the market. Which’s essentially where my interest began for digital marketing and whatever around it.

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What took place?

I saw I could not do my task as I wished to do. I wished to make a basic site. [I couldn’t] partially since I was reasonably young beginning in the huge business. I simply didn’t understand how the business worked? Partially the methods [to do that] were not yet in location at that time, however that has actually enhanced considerably as they state.

[After that] I returned to the international digital marketing commerce group. And I truly got a love for the foundation of marketing. It has actually been a great option up until now. I get a great deal of energy from it … I enjoy the newness. I like the intricacy, which is something you like however likewise hate.

Why is that?

With a great deal of huge business, they practically display with all the innovation they have and I do not believe it’s something per se to display with. Less innovation can be much better, depending upon whether you take it from an international or regional market point of view.

Complexity implies a lot and it implies absolutely nothing. It’s understanding that intricacy that matters. Getting comprehending from the information you have, getting the ideal groups behind it, letting groups comprehend the worth of the innovation. Doing that implies not putting innovation initially, however putting the usage case initially, what you provide with it.

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By handling that intricacy you learn more about the total marketing chain. And now it’s not just marketing any longer. It’s marketing with e-commerce, and e-commerce ends up being the sales channel? It’s modification management. It’s education. It’s dealing with the IT groups, with the entire company generally. And you’re the spider in the web which’s the appeal of the task I have.

[It’s] handling that intricacy by bringing IT or tech closer to business and vice versa, where they can tremendously affect each other. Getting more individuals on board with how innovation can assist in all that. Likewise the understanding of having the ideal individuals, the best methods of working, of truly getting that business frame of mind.

Is there something that you can’t do that you want you could?

Often what you see, particularly in the huge corporations, is that you do not have all the info. and there are some functions that have a bit more details than others. Since of that, in some cases you have a conference, you talk various languages. You believe you comprehend each other, however you do not. I want that was something we might link in the business to make certain that everyone talks the exact same language.

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