The ‘Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness’ Marketing Bait And Switch Was Masterful



Heading into Doctor in the Multiverse of Madness, I currently understood every “surprise” cameo of the movie. The trailers had actually basically provided us 2, formally, and 3 more dripped out well ahead of release.

And yet what I was not anticipating was that since the method the movie was marketed, I was completely deceived about the primary story from start to complete, and the functions of the primary characters within it.

And I enjoyed it.

Spoilers follow.

What I’m discussing was how Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was offered. The trailers appeared to make 2 bottom lines, that Strange would go to Wanda for assistance, and the 2 would handle both beasts and alt-universe superheroes, which the “primary” bad guy seemed a wicked variation of Doctor Strange himself, which fans thought was Strange Supreme.

Strange … not Supreme


None … of that held true. The huge trick the movie was concealing was that Multiverse of Madness in fact had Wanda herself as the primary bad guy, the power of Scarlet Witch completely let loose due to Darkhold corruption, which has her wishing to siphon America Chavez’s power so she can easily take a trip to multiverses to be with her lost kids.

Granted, yes, Wanda hasn’t precisely been doing a lot “great” things recently. In WandaVision she oppressed a whole town psychically so she might have a phony picturesque life with him and her created kids. And by the end we understood she read the Darkhold, the most corrupting wicked things in the MCU.

But still! This quite did not look like what was going to take place in Multiverse of Madness, which has Wanda as a scary bad guy, laying siege to Strange and his army of wizards, and after that later on, completely killing nearly all the members of the Illuminati in an alternate universe, shredding Reed Richards like string, making Black Bolt blow his own brains out, cutting Captain Carter in half with her own guard and snapping Charles Xavier’s neck. I believed I was enjoying The Boys for that series.



Just … amazing, wild things here. Wanda, totally unhinged, was a remarkable bad guy for this motion picture, and I liked that her function in the movie was concealed to the degree that it was. Which wicked looking “Strange Supreme”? Another excellent twist, when that ends up being Strange having the remains of a dead alt-universe Strange and utilizing the power of fiends to wage war versus Wanda. It is incredibly Raimi/Evil Dead, and once again, another great part of the movie, overall misdirection from the trailer.

It is really simple for misinforming trailers to result in frustration in a motion picture, and really tough for things to be concealed to this degree and have that strategy end up well like we’re seeing here. I definitely like the bait and change the movie’s marketing did with Wanda and Strange, and it actually improved my pleasure of the movie by producing a turn I really did not see coming, even if in hindsight, the hints were sort of there that Wanda was on the method to end up being this level of bad.

Just outstanding marketing work here. Cameos are enjoyable and it was regrettable none amazed me, I expect, however concealing the whole story to this degree was a masterclass in misdirection. Bravo.

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