MarTech’s Email Marketing Periodic Table: Manage deliverability and optimization like a scientist

Email has actually long been among the most trustworthy marketing channels for getting your messaging in front of your clients. Whether it’s material in the type of a weekly newsletter, an individualized promo or an essential account upgrade, online marketers require to rely on that their message will be provided which they’ve enhanced those messages to get optimal engagement. That is why the group at MarTech have actually produced this Email Marketing Periodic Table that informs you whatever to learn about sending out e-mails that your consumers wish to get which inboxes will not obstruct.

Because e-mail is among the most intricate methods you can interact with consumers and potential customers– through various mail customers, various ISPs, mobile and desktop, and so on– there are a great deal of challenges that can get in between you and your designated receivers.

Each component in this table represents an element that you require to think about to be effective in e-mail. The aspects are collected into classifications based upon their relationships to one another, and the classifications are designated as associated to either Optimization or Deliverability. Even more down on the table, you’ll see Toxins, a classification for practices that can toxin your e-mail marketing efforts, and Traps, which you’ll wish to understand falling under.

This upgraded Email Marketing Periodic table includes a couple of brand-new aspects and a brand-new classification, Compliance, that attends to current and continuous advancements connected to state laws, addition and more. We have actually likewise altered our language to describe safelists and blocklists, terms that are inclusive and considerate to all.

Like the previous variation, each component in this Periodic Table likewise consists of the following info:

  • An Element sign
  • A brief description of the component
  • a label revealing what classification it comes from
  • A connection sign that reveals whether it is a favorable or unfavorable factor to optimization or deliverability
email marketing as a periodic table element

Below you will discover the total Email Marketing Periodic Table, gotten into the following:

And if you would a copy you might conserve or print out for your groups, click on this link to download the high-res variation.

email marketing periodic table


Compliance has actually become among the most important aspects to think about in your e-mail marketing method, specifically in the face of growing personal privacy and availability issues.

For beginners, prior to you send out e-mails you need to guarantee that your audience has actually provided you Permission (P) to send out e-mails to them. Consent implies that the recipient has actually offered you specific and educated grant send out messages to them. This occurs when your customers Opt-in (In) through a sign-up type.

The very first thing that your e-mail system ought to activate is a Double opt-in (In2) e-mail. The double opt-in needs the customer to verify that they seriously wish to get e-mails from you or your brand name. This can be carried out as a “welcome” e-mail.

MarTech's Email Marketing Periodic Table - Compliance elements
MarTech’s Email Marketing Periodic Table– Compliance aspects

The 2nd arrangement from the customer is important. It stops individuals and bots that put in e-mail addresses that do not come from them. Lawfully, under the United States’ CAN-SPAM Act, you should share your Physical address (Ph) You are likewise needed to own the sender domain that your e-mails originate from and consist of an Opt-out (Oo) for customers who wish to stop getting your e-mails.

Another vital element of e-mail law is compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (Air Conditioner) To fulfill fundamental availability requirements, your e-mails should keep a sensible reading order; this consists of utilizing heading components in code and correct color contrast in between your text, other material and the background you select.

It is definitely important to comprehend the Laws (La) when you are gathering info from your customers. Laws consist of the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL). In the United States alone, 16 various states are presently attempting to produce personal privacy laws since May 2021.


Last year trust and compliance were organized together however this year we chose to take out these important components associated to just how much trust impacts e-mail deliverability.

trust elements of email marketing
MarTech’s Email Marketing Periodic Table– Trust components

Landing on Safelists (Si) is among the very best methods to guarantee your messages are getting to your customer’s inbox. It is likewise among the most crucial methods for developing a favorable Sender Reputation (Sr) Sender track record describes the credibility of your email-sending IP address that signifies to email inbox companies whether you’re a spammer. Depending upon your e-mail company (ESP), monitoring your sender credibility might need financial investment in extra software application.


Emails do not simply get sent out on their own. There is a robust list of components you require to think about in order to have an efficient e-mail marketing facilities.

For beginners, there’s the Domain Name System (Dn), referred to as the phone book of the web. The DNS maps a domain to the IP (Ip) address hosting the site and the IP sending out mail for a specific entity with a various domain.

A Mail Transfer Agent (Mt) is the software application that moves electronic messages from one user to another by utilizing a SMTP server (Ss) which allows outgoing e-mail. A Mail User Agent (UA) is the software application that allows e-mails to be sent out and gotten. These 2 different pieces are crucial to getting e-mails through to your clients and potential customers.

A Sender Policy Framework (Sf) is likewise needed as an e-mail authentication approach that identifies created sender addresses throughout the shipment of your e-mail. On the other end, the user’s inbox utilizes a POP3 Server (P3) When customers grumble, Feedback Loops (Fl) make sure that these grievances are routed to the sender so they can be acted on.

MarTech's Email Marketing Periodic Table - Infrastructure elements
MarTech’s Email Marketing Periodic Table– Infrastructure components

Typically, your IP address will be connected with a domain or a subdomain through the Domain Name System. Subdomains (Sd) assist your consumers acknowledge your brand name’s name through the high-level domain; this avoids phishing efforts.

If you are thinking about including BIMI (see the Experimental area listed below), 2 crucial actions come. Logo Trademark Ownership (Lt) is a crucial element that is required for carrying out BIMI. You likewise require to request a Verified Mark Certificate (Vc) For the brand name’s logo design to be shown, the e-mail should pass DMARC (Dm) authentication checks, making sure that the company’s domain has actually not been impersonated.

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Building a favorable relationship with your audience is another crucial element of e-mail marketing; these relationships are vital for reaching your customers’ Inbox (I) A legitimate e-mail address (E) is among the most important pieces of info you can get from your consumers. Email addresses are generally published by online marketers as Lists (L) in the e-mail company or database.

From here, you need to be utilizing Segmentation (Sg) based upon each customer’s level of Engagement (Eg) This consists of Opens (O) and Clicks (Ck) on particular links within your e-mail. Comprehending what this information suggests about your audience will assist drive tactical choices in your e-mail marketing program. Understanding what inbox companies your audience members are utilizing will offer you insight into how they see and communicate with your messages and what methods work best to assist you satisfy your e-mail marketing objectives.

Send time (T) is another component that can help you in reaching your audience; if your customers aren’t opening e-mails sent out initially thing in the early morning, attempt sending out in the afternoon or night. Discovering the ideal send out time can be difficult, however is definitely worth the financial investment of your time to identify what is finest.

audience elements of email marketing
MarTech’s Email Marketing Periodic Table– Audience aspects

Personalization (Me) is a technique that includes producing content particularly for the private customer. It needs learning about your audience (the real individuals behind the e-mail addresses) and how they choose to consume your material. Offering a customer Preference Center (Pc) offers your audience a website to upgrade their interaction choices; it permits customers to select what kinds of e-mails they wish to get, how typically they wish to get them and the chance to opt-out from your messages.

Send frequency (Sq) need to be based upon evaluating how regularly your audience connects with your e-mails. If you are sending out too regularly, you might see a drop in your open rates. There is such a thing as sending out a lot of e-mails, and your customers might not wish to frequently get messages that aren’t straight appropriate to them.


The material supplied within the e-mail is simply as essential as the facilities and technique behind it. From developing engaging Subject Lines (Sj) that drive opens to utilizing Responsive styles (Rs) that get used to all gadgets– mobile, desktop, and so on– the material of your e-mail will be the primary chauffeur of outcomes.

The Structure (St) of your e-mail, whether HTML or plain text, ought to be scannable and simple to check out. Readability (Rd) is a vital aspect to think about when developing your e-mails, however have you assessed whether the material pertains to your audience? Relevance (R) is a crucial element to think about prior to sending out an e-mail. If your audience does not appreciate the material you provide, they will not be opening your e-mails really typically.

MarTech's Email Marketing Periodic Table - Content elements
MarTech’s Email Marketing Periodic Table– Content aspects

When it concerns significance, having an e-mail marketing Calendar (Cl) will assist produce a tactical schedule for your e-mail projects. Utilize your information to identify what days and times have the greatest engagement rates to develop out your calendar.

Most e-mail company have brand-new, ingenious abilities in their tool kit. Interactive (Iv) e-mails can drive increased engagement from customers. Emojis (Mj) are another aspect that can make your message more relatable. Understanding your audience ought to be the driving force behind whether you carry out emojis in your subject lines and e-mails.

Transactional (Tr) e-mails do not need the recipient to opt-in as they are verification e-mails activated by a user’s action. These e-mails supply a chance to get brand-new customers with a basic call-to-action.


Now that we’ve revealed you what great components can do for e-mail optimization and deliverability, now it’s time to take a look at the components your marketing group ought to keep away from, beginning with the Toxins.

There are numerous harmful aspects that you require to be knowledgeable about prior to producing and sending your e-mail. Hard bounces (Hb) are irreversible shipment failures that suggest an e-mail address is void; eliminating these e-mail addresses will substantially enhance your deliverability. Soft bounces (Sb) are brought on by complete mail boxes or getaway responders. While these aren’t as destructive as tough bounces, it is very important to watch on these e-mail addresses as some might require to be eliminated if they continue to lead to soft bounces.

MarTech's Email Marketing Periodic Table - Toxins
MarTech’s Email Marketing Periodic Table– Toxins

Using a No-reply (Nr) e-mail address will normally send your e-mails straight to the scrap folder. Utilize a “reply to” address rather, and profit of greater shipment rates and brand name awareness by including your brand name’s domain in your sending out address. When your recipient marks an e-mail as spam, it is thought about a Complaint (Cm) A lot of grievances will harm your deliverability rate and sender credibility.

Legally, you are permitted to purchase or lease e-mail addresses, and the law does not need authorization from the recipient. Utilizing a Purchased List (Pl) is one of the quickest methods to end up on a blocklist.

Your e-mail material can likewise consist of harmful aspects. URL Shorteners (S) are frequently utilized in phishing efforts, and inbox companies flag reduced URLs as spam. Image Heavy (Ih) e-mails that take a very long time to load will worsen customers who might mark your e-mail as spam or just unsubscribe from your e-mail program.


Finally, while Toxins might be destructive to your e-mail marketing, Traps will harm your efforts even further. There are numerous kinds of traps, typically set up by a business’s IT department, that will guarantee your messages are never ever seen by the desired recipient. Corporate Filters (Cf) are an unforgiving filter for business e-mail servers.

Desktop Filters (Df) are filters that your customers established in their own inboxes. Regularly pertinent material can assist you remain in the inbox, however falling under a lot of spam folders will considerably affect your
sender track record and shipment rates.

MarTech's Email Marketing Periodic Table - Traps
MarTech’s Email Marketing Periodic Table– Traps

If you arrive at a Blocklist (Bl), a list of unreputable and unreliable senders, you’ll face a great deal of difficulty attempting to get your e-mails to your customers.

Internet service suppliers (ISPs) likewise have traps that can injure your e-mail deliverability. Grey Spam Traps (Gt) are established by ISPs utilizing recycled e-mail addresses to flag spammers. Pristine Traps (Pt), on the other hand, are phony e-mail addresses produced by either business IT departments or the ISPs themselves to recognize and reroute spammers to the Spam Filter (Sf)


Now that we’ve revealed your the great and the bad when it pertains to email marketing aspects, now come a couple of aspects that are speculative today and most likely transformational for tomorrow.

For example, everybody is discussing Artificial Intelligence (Ai) today. AI is quickly developing and will likely be
part of almost every service procedure in the future. For e-mail, methods consisting of division, customization and messaging will be quick-wins in the future for carrying out expert system in an e-mail marketing program.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (Am), likewise called AMP for Email, are vibrant e-mails that enable e-mail online marketers to embed interactive functions– turning carousel images, verification buttons and even direct-purchase calls-to-action. While lots of brand names are explore the various atoms of AMP aspects, the supreme objective is to drive consumer conversions (purchases) straight in the body of the e-mail without ever going to the site.

MarTech's Email Marketing Periodic Table - Experimental elements
MarTech’s Email Marketing Periodic Table– Experimental components

Brand Indicator for Messaging Identification (Bm), understood likewise as BIMI, is a speculative component that brand names have actually been buzzing about considering that the idea was initially presented a number of years earlier. The concept is that with the mix and correct setup of components from the Trust and Infrastructure households, brand names will be able
to show their logo designs beside the sender name in the inbox.

BIMI is one component you require to begin investing your time in to appropriately set up whatever required for application. This consists of DMARC, VMC, and making sure that your company owns the hallmark to your logo designs.

Voice Assistants (V) are all over, taking commands from mobile users and duplicating info back to individuals routinely. Have you thought about how your subject line or your e-mail will check out aloud to your audience utilizing voice support? Usage excessive text, and your customer will most likely lose interest seconds in. Insufficient text and your message will be quickly forgettable. Discovering the best balance will take practice, however with more emerging voice-enabled gadgets concerning the market, Voice is an aspect worth explore.

That’s it. We hope you discover MarTech’s Email Marketing Period Table important and motivate you to please download the high-res, perfectly created variation to show your groups.

Digital marketing is certainly an art, however it is likewise a science. We hope this tool works as an important referral for your experiments.

Everything you require to learn about e-mail marketing deliverability that your consumers desire which inboxes will not obstruct. Get MarTech’s Email Marketing Periodic Table.

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