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about to learn the $300/day Adwords

Secrets that they
don’t want you to know about…”

you ever heard the saying that 10% of the guys make 90% of the money?

I can tell you it’s true.

fact I know it’s true because I used to be part of 90% that got

with me if you have ever…


you could finally make $500 per day, as an affiliate marketer


on AdWords “expert” books and seminars
that simply don’t deliver


that there is something that some webmasters know
about AdWords that you don’t


whether you are ever going to get anywhere with this
whole “AdWords thing”…

me, I know how you feel. I was once the same.

never forget what it’s like to be part of the majority of chumps
trying to profit from AdWords, but not knowing what needs to be
done. Split-testing, altering click prices, deleting campaigns,
spending fruitless hours driving expensive traffic to my sites…
but never getting anywhere.

I normally ended up with was a break-even balance, despite the fact
that I had a network of seven high-converting sites; AdWords was
simply costing me way too much, so much that I considered
pulling the plug entirely
more than once. Those are some sad

me, though, that’s all they are — memories.

see, it got to a point where I was sick of being one of the guys
who knew he should be making easy money from my products
and affiliate programs, but just couldn’t get it working. I decided
to take a stand. I bought dozens of books, and signed up to every
“expert” seminar out there.

spent hundreds of hours on article sites and forums, scouring for
tips and tricks, and eventually I started to understand the
whole AdWords picture.

this understanding, came the realisation that if I was to succeed,
I needed to uncover my own tricks and techniques – my own set
of rules that no-one else knew about
, and that I could use to
consistently churn out profits. That was six months ago.

I can safely say the days of “$100 cheques” are a thing
of the past. It took me months, but eventually it clicked, and I
came up with a blueprint for profiting from AdWords – not the usual
crap you hear, and not the usual techniques you read about. Remember,
if you follow the crowd you will just end up with chump change.

Another $16,000!

a few weeks, all from Adwords – an easy $16k!

wish I could tell you it was hard money, or that my
work ethic is incredible, but really that isn’t it.

all comes down to some competitive advantages I stumbled
onto, the same ones that vaulted me out of my day job
in rapid time.

as much as these figures seem large, there is more to

Miracles – January 2007

$450 – 200+ pages, 50 mins of video

Every one of my job-ending benefits exposed:

Learn the True Insider Methods to AdWords; the ones used by
the top one percent of users… the ones no-one has ever revealed…
until now.

Quit your day job – with pocket money.

The only Adwords guide that tells it like it is.

Over 200 pages and 50 minutes of live videos, all covering
my back-door sneaky tricks.

…AND much, much more! Released on the web for the first
time… and possibly the last…



think I owe it you to tell you where I am up to thanks
to your Adwords Miracle guide… I have been online
now for about four years, and I have dabbled in the
odd business opportunity here and there – in fact I
have tried affiliate marketing through Google Adwords
before, and I have never gotten anywhere. Until now…

month, I purchased your Adwords Miracle guide, and using
your Skimming methods I began promoting products as
an affiliate… Fast forward 27 days, and I have generated
close to $200 per day in earnings four days in a row,
including $212 today – and I have only just got started.

really want you to know how much I appreciate you making
this information available to me. I have some other
guides on affiliate marketing, and Adwords, but none
cover the same ground as Adwords Miracle. I fully expect
to be making $300 per day within a few weeks… thanks


  Edward Clarke, East Riding, U.K..



“I used to feel like the only person in the world
who wan’t making money from Google Adwords. No matter
what I did, my ads would get disabled, or made inactive,
and I was always either breaking even or getting nowhere….
I came so close to giving up…

I finally understand how people make money from Adwords.
I was extremely impressed with the first version of
Adwords Miracle – and I was able to setup a $150/week
income stream using your methods… it might not sound
like a lot to you, but it means a lot to me…

that you have updated the pack, I have never been as
excited. The training videos are incredible and the
new Advanced manual is worth the cost of the package
alone… but the Affiliate product selection manual
and video is what really stands out for me. It gave
me so, so many ideas that I have never heard before,…
great job with the update

My new goal is $500 per day by the end of the year –
with your guidance, and for the first time in my life
I think, no, I know it is possible


Francis , Atlantic City, USA



says internet marketing isn’t easy? The old me, that’s
who. I used to wonder when I would ever get anywhere
with this online money making stuff… here’s my story:
on Thursday I purchased Adwords Miracle and set up two
“income streams” using your skimming technique.

my surprise, by Friday afternoon I had earned about
£100 in commission from only £15 in Adwords
spend. Elated, I saw you also have a free website offer.
I was on a bit of a high, and I know a good thing when
I see it, so I grabbed one of the remaining slots. Sure
enough, within a few hours my AWM site was setup, and
I got promoting (keying in both of the free vouchers
– Adwords and Yahoo – $100 worth). This is still only
Friday night remember.

Saturday morning I had two more sales from my Adwords
income streams (from Thursday), and three – count ’em!
– sales from my free web site!

here we are on Sunday. Another sale from the free website,
and another sale from the skimming technique. I have
no idea if this is going to continue, but all I know
is that I have seen the world through your eyes and
I am now truly committed to this. I believe making money
online is possible, and that is what has really made
me write this e-mail to say thank you, Chris…

your Adwords Miracle product, your free web site, and
the vouchers, you have literally turned my life around
in 72 hours. I am going to scrap B.C. and A.D. and start
thinking of my life in pre-Adwords Miracle and post-Adwords


Lambert, Winchester, Hants, U.K.

I present to you now, is the formula for making $300 per day
from Adwords
, in super rapid time, and from just a few top secret
techniques, that the “other guys” won’t tell you about…”

can tell you that my tricks are really quite simple once you understand
them, but they are not the kind of thing you just stumble
across — and you will never guess it if someone hasn’t told it
to you. I can tell you from experience that none of the so-called
“experts” know about them.

should know as a matter of logic that there are people making
good livings from AdWords, people making thousands of dollars per
day… in some cases a hell of a lot more, believe
it or not…in fact I know of one webmaster that milks AdWords for
close to $5,000 per day…. he knows how to get very, very
cheap clicks and leverage them into high-earning, high converting
sites. So it is doable, and you know it.

but you should also know that the top internet marketers
won’t tell you their secrets – unless you held a gun to their head”.

problem is, the few “super” profitable internet marketers
profit from being smarter than their competition. They couldn’t
tell you, or the competition would eat into their profits. So don’t
expect any help from those guys.

for you, I have devised a simple formula, which only a few key insiders
know about, so we can both profit from it. It isn’t the usual rubbish
you have heard before, and the only reason I am releasing it is
because I know that a few people won’t make a dent in my profits.
And I promise you, it will revolutionise the way that you view money
making on the web.

what’s so special about Adwords – why not make money online another

me put it this way: the simplest and easiest way to
make a living from the web is via Google Adwords. The great thing
about Adwords is you can literally start earning right away, no
matter what your budget, no matter where you are in the world, and
no matter what your experience level is.

has the potential to provide you with piles of job-ending cash,
but only if you do it right.

it from someone who has tried every money-making opportunity out
there – nothing on the planet compares to the instant “plug
in and profit” potential of Adwords.

have tried money-making “opportunities” from eBay, to
setting up websites for organic search engine placement to various
HYIP schemes. Before I hit on this, I lost money (it hurts,
doesn’t it?), and in most cases, I just wasted weeks and months
of my life trying to buy freedom from the daily grind.

still dabble with other areas from time to time, but I always
come back to Adwords. You don’t even need a website to make money
from Google Adwords – in fact I make $300 per day from sending traffic
to other people’s sites as an affiliate, but once more there is
a right way to do it and a wrong way. Do it right, and you will
make a killing. Get it wrong and you will end up like everyone else…

course, most Adwords guides are no help… you need an edge
if you plan on making a real killing… and that is where
the unique Adwords Miracle package comes in…”

if Adwords is the way to go, you wouldn’t think it with the number
of people who have tried and failed.

are literally dozens of Adwords manuals out there, some as cheap
as $97, some as expensive as $497.

you know what? Every damn Adwords manual seems to say the same

problem is that those guys wrote their guides two years ago… and
maybe the rules of the game were different then..

But their
“old school” methods just do not cut it any more!

You need someone
who has been there and done that… someone who bought over $1000
of Adwords guides, attended the expensive seminars, bought the expensive
up-sell packages, and still wasn’t satisified… someone
who had to come up with his own spin on things, who had to make
it all work, despite the limited info out there… someone who has
bled, someone who has learnt the hard way, and still come out on

In short, you
need Adwords Miracle because it is the only Adwords guide
that tells it like it is, and the only manual that guarantees
clear profit. It is that simple – in fact… if you plan on profiting
from Adwords, you barely have a choice

Another $1900 in earnings, and the rich get richer!

good day for sure… but not incredible. And Clickbank
is only one of the ways I get paid… in fact, this
is only one of my Clickbank accounts. Want to see the
rest, all from the same day? OK, but… you may be really


me when I say that anyone can learn the rules to profiting
from AdWords. It doesn’t involve a huge ad budget, and
you can use the system no matter what kind of site you
have , so don’t think you are ruled out if your site
is based around some “high paying” keyword.
I will show you how to get the 1,000% and up return
on investments I average on some of my sites…

sad thing is that most information you can buy for $100-500
is crap, and most authors don’t care if you succeed
or not – once you’ve bought the guide, that is. I promise
it doesn’t have to be that way, and you should accept
nothing less than the $1000 per day I make.

you come over to my side, your life will never be the


  AdWords Miracles — Jan, 2007

So… what are these secret AdWords tricks
and techniques…

how on earth do I bank an easy “auto-pilot” $1000 per

purely from dirt-cheap, high-converting AdWords traffic?

Well, I want
to take you back to one afternoon last August…. that’s when the
whole thing started, and I found out how people really
make easy money on the internet…

then, I had a handful of sites in my network, and each one would
generate a sale or so per day, despite all the effort I put in.
My click-through rate was average at best and despite all my traffic-building
efforts, I was still only averaging a few hundred visitors per day.
“If only I could cut my AdWords costs in half… then I could
do this for a living”, I remember thinking. Having spent hundreds
on AdWords guides that told me “general knowledge” ideas,
I was getting desparate, and then by chance I decided to make a
few completely random changes to two of my sites…”.

And with those few changes, my click-through rate doubled

I couldn’t
believe it! I had finally at least made some progress, and
all because of a few very minor changes to two of my campaigns.
I decided to give it a few more days, just to make sure, and the
click through rates stuck.

This gave me
the confidence to test more and more, and as I continued to experiment
my profits grew in steps. Within a few weeks, I was making about
$150 per week from one of my sites; then $300 per week, and it kept
growing… until about six months ago, three months after my initial
experiment. That was the tipping point, and I discovered the greatest
secret of AdWords profiteering. That was the day the penny really

Now, I was
making enough purely from my AdWords
traffic to quit my job
and start focusing on making
my sites REALLY profitable. And I hadn’t even started on
my conversions yet! I even started running controlled experiments
over some of my websites, making changes just to see what happened.

Over the the
next six months, I ended up quadrupling my click through rates,
in two cases getting 40% click-through’s and higher!

you read that correctly: some of my campaigns average a 40% click
through rate!”

all from just a few changes that no-one else knows about…

I was in
a state of shock

I had gone
from a very average click through rate to 40% AND ABOVE!

With that kind
of click through I can drive as much traffic to my network as I
can muster, safe in the knowledge that my visitors convert to cash…
in fact, at the moment well over $1000 per day in Clickbank and
Paypal cash that comes back to me every few days!

What really
amazes me is that the changes allow me
to enter new niches everyday
knowing I can just set it
and forget it… knowing that no-one can compete on AdWords…and
wait for the cheques to roll in at the end of the month. Quite frankly,
if there are searches for a term on Google, I can profit from it
with my nasty little AdWords tricks. The poor competition does not
stand a chance.



I wanted to say your product is wonderful! I just recently
purchased and although I’ve played with adwords previously
with small success, using your techniques I’m amazed
at the results! In the last week, I’ve started slowly
and my clickthroughs are anywhere from 10% to 50%! I
just checked my adwords account before reading this
email and even with the new test campaigns I started
last night factored in, my ctr for all campaigns together
is over 8%! I’m ecstatic! What’s more, the conversions
are much higher so I’m getting much more from my campaigns
than I ever thought possible.

My overall ctr rate (including even my new test campaigns)
has gone from 1.47% to 9.38%! Amazing. And the individual
campaigns all have double digits. Equally impressive
is that using your affiliate info/landing pages advice,
conversion is well over 5% and it’s the same products
I previously averaged .5% or 1% for. This is just so
cool! Anyone who actually follows the steps can do it.


  Tracey Winfrey, Nashville, Tennessee, USA.



“Only two weeks since I purchased your package,
and I could see it was serious straight away…wow…
I was so excited when I saw my click through rate double
in one day, with just a few changes. And I barely even
have to do anything! Since then I have banked over
$600, and all from ONE of your `sneaky techniques`,
giving me a return on investment of about 200%
can’t wait for the full roll out, and to start using
all your tricks… this is the kind of thing I just
knew was possible with AdWords but no-one showed me
… “


  S. Norman, Cardiff, UK


– WOULD BE A STEAL AT $997.00!

“I am really enjoying your outstanding book The
Adwords Miracle. I will finally create the miracles
I desire thanks to your help.

This information would be a steal at $997.00! It’s like
a have a rich uncle who actually gives a tough-love-damn
and sits me down for a money-making chat. Your clean,
no B.S. style really was appreciated. Thank a million.
I acutally feel like I got a chance to make it, as long
as I get off my ass and apply the brilliant secrets
that you have shared.”


Prettenhofer Bentonville, Arkansas, USA

Even paypal loves me!

is a hard life I lead!

also promote some of my own products via Adwords.

If you can promote with Adwords the right way, it really
is ridiculous – if you know what you’re doing.

I will show you in complete step-by-step detail
how I make consistent job-killing cash…



Chris! What a monster of a book you created! This 105-page
is full of content worth its weight in gold! I thought
I knew all there had to be learnt in Adwords, I was
comprehensively proved wrong! In fact, your book gave
me new ideas of finding and promoting niches!

For anyone who needs and wants an honest, quick, no
BS way to making a fortune with Adwords – This is it!


  Dylan Loh, Singapore,



In all of my 3+ years of online marketing, I have never
came across a single adwords course that shows you exactly
what you must do to reap guaranteed profits using google
adwords! But yours is the exception.

course, in my opinion, is one of the best Google Adwords
courses out there and I say this with strong conviction.
After reading your course, I discovered that making
money with adwords is not difficult at all!

is quite easy if you know exactly what you need to focus
on for each ad campaign. Thanks again for creating such
an insightful product that will produce many successful
online marketers


  Melvin Perry,

AdWords Miracles is all you need to profit from AdWords. So chuck
the useless info you already have, and start earning – no matter
what your skill level…”

Miracle Handbook NEW

– Completely up to date in Jan `07

Learn the True Insider Methods to AdWords; the ones
used by the “upper percentile”

Includes New chapter – “My Hit and Run guide to
Locating, Entering and Destroying a niche”

Now includes my brand new “Google Cash for 2007
strategies” – Google Cash methods still work; if
you follow my nasty little steps.

…AND you don’t even need a website to profit, not
using my brand new tricks!

” Inside the first of two sections of my AdWords Miracle
system, you will learn the central strategies I use to kill
off my competition… the simplest and easiest way to profit
from AdWords that I know

steps to turn your websites into AdWords cash machines
– The exact steps I take to take masses of
cash from AdWords, daily!!

Insider Tricks Google doesn’t want you to know
– It took me almost six months before I
stumbled onto this one technique… but only one
$236 day
to work out why Google didn’t tell me about

surest 100% Guaranteed way to spot a profitable AdWords
– so you can be sure your
few minutes per day of AdWords maintenance converts to
bundles of cash, before you even think about launching
the site
#1 reason why ClickBank marketers are missing out on a
goldmine right now
– Chances are, the products
you sell right now could be generating day-job-ending
income, but unless someone in the know tells you how to
do it, you probably won’t ever find out why..
Marketers – LISTEN UP
You might even be promoting
the wrong product in the wrong niche… and the wrong
– … ouch! Unless you are averaging a
300% return on investment, in which case forget I mentioned
anything. If not, there’s a good chance you are backing
the wrong horse, and if you do this, everything on Adwords
will go against you. If that sounds familiar, let me get
you out of that hole…
Secret ways to slice and dice the competition

– None of the AdWords experts even mention this, but if
you don’t know it you are losing cash to the rest of us!

you must avoid, or they will literally halve
your earnings
– The very same ones 95% of marketers
mistake, revealed for the first time. Are you one of the

Best way to almost force your visitors to click
on your Ads
– A sly little technique …so
powerful that it doubled my click-through rate for two
of my ads! But please don’t tell anyone else. Especially
effort, no complicated knowledge required

– Who wants to wade through pages of me speculating on
Google’s complicated algorithims for ranking ads? I wouldn’t:
I like my cash cold, hard and easily earned. And so should
to launch your campaign with pocket money!

– If you’re so broke that it stings, don’t worry, I can
help you out. One of my friends was broke when I showed
him these “boot-strap” tricks – now he is “richer
than rich”
Guerrilla tactics I use to get dirt cheap AdWords
– The very same traffic that converts
to $300 per day in AdWords revenue. And it has nothing
to do with any “mainstream” method you will
have heard about… (unless you are making $100 per day
from your AdWords visitors, in which case you might well

Learn How to Skyrocket your web earnings today

..and get a free website (RRP $297 – limited

FREE killer info on how to market online for maximum
profit and

minimum effort… and get proof
that Adwords Miracle delivers

THOUSANDS into my account daily! Free 3 day guide,
RRP $95

As a one time bonus, and for a very, very limited time, I
am also including a second monster section which covers
every “speciality” area of AdWords – from affiliate marketing
to increasing conversions, from AdWords for e-publishers to AdWords
for Google Cash users…

this section I cover the key issues the “gurus” are scared
to discuss..”

Miracle – New “Key Issues” Section Updated
January 2007

The tips you have all been waiting years for… the
answer to the question, “how do I get rich with

Chapters on: Affiliate Marketing with AdWords; E-Publishing
with AdWords; the simplest way to quit your job with
Adwords, and more!

Every section is filled with competitive advantages
that will halve your costs and double your earnings,

…AND much, much more!

“Inside the

Brand new, competition-crushing AdWords
Miracle Key Issues section, you will learn all of this…
and much, much more…”

Guide to AdWords
– If you are promoting affiliate
products via AdWords, then there are certain points you
should be aware of; the same points that make me $300+
on an average day, all from AdWords traffic.

“Google Cash for 2007”
– Bonus
Chapter. The Google Cash method is being used by thousands
of people, all of whom are chasing the same scrap of
meat BUT you can still rake it in, IF you follow my

“Skimming Method” Revealed
– The
simplest method to make a passive $100/day that
I have ever heard about. Easily worth the cost of the
manual alone – because you won’t find it anywhere else.
Research Exposed
– The final word on keyword
research. How I do it with all my campaigns… and it’s
probably not the same way you do it, unless you make more
than $200 per day, in which case, good call!
position is most profitable
– this is a question
as old as AdWords itself, and while the experts all have
their own ideas, the truth is that even they are
slightly off the mark
only question you need to answer before you turn on content
– content search can actually be profitable,
but only in certain circumstances… the rest of the time
it just isn’t
For Dummies
– Two things I guarantee you aren’t
doing, but you know you should… and when you do them
you will improve your end of year earnings by 100%. It’s
that simple.
Bonus: Most common mistakes made by AdWords Users — the
same mistakes you must avoid, or else they will
sabotage your earnings
– The very same
ones 95% of AdWords users make, revealed for the first
time. Are you one of the 95%?…



“I never believed that anyone can make any real
money out of Adwords campaigns… until I read about
the insanely SIMPLE ideas you’ve put forth in your Adwords

role of CTR and how you outline your process ALONE is
more than worth the price… I’m looking forward to
easily making at least an extra 3K per month using your

especially liked the “Skimming” method. I
also admire your idea of starting with a small set of
keywords and working up after seeing good profits.

put, if you’d like to add several streams of income
to your business, this eBook is a must-have or you could
be sabotaging your own profits

you so much for such an amazing breakdown on Adwords
and real, hard-hitting content… not just theory.


  Raam Anand ,



“I am very impressed with the Adwords Miracle Guide.
It provides a great

deal of practical and useful advice on making money
from Adwords.

Writing ad copy has always been difficult for me but
I really liked your methods for writing headlines and
now it is easy for me to come up with good ad copy.
I am sure that both the beginner and the seasoned internet
marketing professional can get some excellent ideas
from this.


  Graeme Eastman,



“Once I saw the power in Adwords Miracle and actually
experienced it, I still couldn’t believe it. (Although
when the checks came in it was easier to believe!) And
now I know it is not a fluke or beginners luck. It is
SOLID and I have changed my whole internet marketing
approach based on the simple strategies I learned in
this book. Consistent double digit click-through rates
(up to 34% and more), 100% return on investment on the
“weaker” promotions, and finally actually
making some real money on the internet have made me
a believer. Thanks Chris!”


  Russell Portwood,

is the definitive answer to the question they’re all asking…”

question being, “how can I finally get rich off AdWords?”…

…I know you
may have bought dozens of guides on AdWords… and none of them
have worked for you. Granted many of the guides will have given
you a tip here and there, but what effect did they have on your
bottom line. You look at AdWords and with a sigh, you think
to yourself: “are people making real money from this?”

The answer
is a definitive yes; people are making hundreds of thousands
from it, so much money that it should be outlawed. They are doing
it not because they are smarter than you, and not
because they are more disciplined. Most of the time, they just stumble
onto a few tricks and those tricks are enough to put them on the
winning side of the curve. Life is not fair, and a few advantages
(often formed from random experimentation) are enough to separate
the winners from the rest… and believe me when I say the gulf
between the two is absolutely MASSIVE. One moment you’re
broke, the next time you are laughing…there’s no middle ground…

you will need to chuck out everything you have learned so
far. Forget the “popular guides” that everyone else has
(perfect information makes them worthless); put your campaigns on
hold; and kiss goodbye to the “old school” methods that
everyone else is using. This is brand new, untapped gold
-methods that the rest aren’t using – the same ones that generate
trunks of cash daily.

It’s the answer
to the question you’ve been asking since you first opened your AdWords

I explain everything you need to know to start earning, even if
you know nothing about Adwords…”

fact, you don’t even need a website to start earning…

When I created
Adwords Miracle, I wanted to be certain that it included every tip
and trick I use to make piles of cash from Adwords, from the
ground up
. The end result is this: I do spend time running through
the basics of Adwords, so don’t worry if you are a complete beginner.
Within one read of the “basics” section, you will
be on a level par with 95% of Adwords users out there – and once
you have finished the entire package you will be on a completely
different level to anyone else. People who have been trying to crack
Adwords for years will get let behind when a lot of this information
gets into the hands of their competition..

Even so called
“experts” who have bought and read all the other guides
out there will get crushed by anyone using the techniques in the
Adwords Miracle package – and even if the person putting them to
use is a beginner. The methods inside Adwords Miracle really are
that powerful and that simple.

And you don’t
even need a website to profit – inside I show you the right way
to generate Adwords earnings without a website. And it has very
little to do with methods you will find anyone else talking about
in their outdated manuals and high-priced seminars.

Another $510 in commissions – same techniques, different

back and check the first Clickbank screenshot again,
then look at the above date – same day, different Clickbank
account! And I have two other accounts that pulled in
mid three figures each that day. If you crack Adwords,
you own the web, it’s just that simple…



“… You are awesome!!
bought the package in late July… On July 26, I followed
you instructions for finding a “rising star”
product. I started a simple campaign, linking directly
to the merchant’s site. I made my first sale the next
day, after 6 – YES SIX click thrus !!

exactly two weeks I have made over $200 in commisions
and spent $ 67 on clicks. Just like you advertised 300%
ROI in two weeks. AMAZING. Thank you for your practical
and detailed instructions on making Adwords work for
me.. “


  Bob Shaw, Oakdale, California



“… meant to write you earlier..just to let you
know you have a bit of a problem on your hands…my
girlfriend hates you because I don’t see her anymore,
am spending all my time on ClickBank, I just love to
see the money roll in!… started using your Skimming
method and I already have two $200 / week income streams
set up, one week in… at this rate might be a full
time occupation soon. “


  L Portman, Victoria, Australia



“One of my friends saw your site, and let me know…
he knows I really want some extra money from AdWords,
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  G. Cole, NY, NY



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  B. Stewart, San Leandro, CA

Stop the presses! The package has now been given
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Secret Bonus #1 – Adwords Miracle Hyper Advanced Techniques supplement,
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includes: Super Advanced Techniques bonus manual, RRP

Learn how to mask your affiliate links and stop the
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My niche “cheat sheet” –> find out the
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My “guaranteed high click thru” ads – I give
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” This Advanced techniques bonus manual, making this the most up-to-date Adwords guide out there,
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cloaking (top-secret, zero cost techniques)

– If you are an affiliate and you don’t use these techniques
to mask your links, you are losing cash by the second…
minute… and hour. FACT: Over 30% of affiliate commissions
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If I could claw that 30% back for you,
and slap the thieves round the head, how much would that
be worth to you? $200.. How about $2,000? Short answer:
a lot… Inside I will show you the two guaranteed
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for free
(when some big name marketers charge
you upwards of $100 for the same thing!). And you know
I don’t like hard work, so I show you how to get even
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“instant high click through ads”

Imagine if someone making $1,000 per day from Adwords
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How much would that be worth to you? Before you answer,
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keyword insertion
– everyone was talking about
it in 2006. But what are those $1k a
day guys doing in 2007 when it comes to Google’s latest feature?
Do they use it, and if so how much? Well, forget
what your favorite guru told you – let me tell you DKI
is, and how it can save you hours of testing if
you do the right way
(get it wrong, and Google will
really make you wish you never even heard of it)
your destination URL to add as much as 5% to your CTR
– Just added, a super advanced technique:
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Sounds unbelievable, but inside I show you how I do it
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to know the most profitable niches on the planet?

Well, I really did not want to add this, as I felt I might
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you see, as of 11th
July, in the advanced bonus manual in your Adwords Miracle
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It took me hundreds of hours of testing to settle on these
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#2 – How to locate red-hot, underexposed products to promote
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to promote the most profitable products as an affiliate,
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book and live video package

Find the super profitable products to promote as an
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Special edition manual exposes my three super secret
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Watch a full length, step-by-step video
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How to make money from “old” products that
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” If you are an affiliate using Clickbank, read every
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out why over 99% of Clickbank affiliates fail to make
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– Let me show you
the reason once and for all. This is something no-one
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flood gates open. But there is a very simple
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As soon as I show you the fundamental error, you can
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#1: How to locate the hottest, rising Clickbank products

Imagine if someone could tell you which products are
going to be big in a months time, and which are going
to flop. If you position yourself at the start of a
wave, and ride it all the way to the top, then jump
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star” technique allows you to spot products that
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will never find this technique anywhere else
, because
no-one else is teaching it. And they probably won’t
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#2: How to profit from products that are 2 or 3 years
– You know that every affiliate on Clickbank
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product, and get nowhere. But the problem is, how can
you make money from the old products…if they aren’t
hot anymore it’s because they just won’t sell,.. right?
Not exactly. You can make a real
uncovering products that are old and no
longer “hot” (and there are literally thousands
out there), but two things must be in place
And you need to follow my step-by-step methods when
promoting them, or you may well miss out on a chance
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this book and video package also includes my third top-secret,
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– but I want to save the best for people who access the
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Learn How to Skyrocket your web earnings today

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#3 – How to cheaply and quickly build a massive opt-in
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to build a massive opt-in list with Google Adwords,
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a 10,000 list with Adwords…

How to build a 10,000 list with Google Adwords – for
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Never-seen-before methods that generate signup conversions
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How to generate hundreds of signups daily – without
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How to give out a “unique, branded bonus e-Book”
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” The results are in! Last night I generated $3,254 in
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Building with Adwords – Complete beginner’s guide

– One of the easiest ways to make a living online is
by building a list of subscribers you can send offer
after offer to. I will show you how its done in even
if you have no idea how it works. You can get
$197 list building guides that don’t explain the basics
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. And it gets even better…

three different methods to get signups to your web page

Let me break it all down, and show you the three best
methods to get hundreds of signups daily. I use all
three methods in different niches – and they all
generate so many targeted leads from only a few clicks
that it’s ridiculous
. Inside I will show
you how to follow my lead using these same techniques,
and the method that is best for your own
, and the kind of niche you are currently

techniques to maximise signup conversions

Pay close attention: I am going to show you two
super advanced techniques I use to generate hundreds
of signups daily, with minimal effort and no
additional cost
to you
. These are the same methods
I used to build one opt-in list of 830 people in two
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days. The incredible thing was, in both cases, I doubled
my money from my Adwords clicks and still had a list
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Miracle, you will pay almost nothing for your clicks
– now find out how to turn an investment of almost nothing
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Time to queue up the autoresponder, let the Adwords
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I mentioned earlier has just done) …

#4 – for a limited time, you also get free monster updates
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Allow me to explain….

Every so often,
Google does something crazy and unexpected – a change in their algorithm
here, a switchup in their Quality Score there… and the industry
goes crazy. Rumours circulate, the gurus all jump in and start dishing
out advice. The thing is, I am not a guru, but I do make upwards
of $1k on a bad day and $5k on a good day (well, maybe that makes
me a guru by default). And if Google does anything that can
affect my earnings, I take swift action – and I always come out
better than I was before the update. And then I tell everyone how
I did it in the next update of Adwords Miracle

And, my
updates are serious
. New up-to-date training videos, new bonus
materials. I go underground, you won’t hear from me for a month,
and then I give you a free training video showing you how I have
generated an extra $200 using a free piece of code.

Go back and
read that last paragraph – I don’t play games – my updates come
hard, fast, and they switch up the Adwords game for all concerned,
whether they are in the loop or not
. After the last update,
I received e-mails from over a dozen buyers asking me if they could
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Now that
tells you something
. My updates are free, and I told them that
but these guys were prepared to pay the retail price fully,
twice over – just for the new material. These guys know what I am
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And my price is poised to go up very soon (very, very soon). So,
free updates for life is conservatively worth $197. Some people
charge $3,000 (I have seen it with my own eyes) for material that
I have planned for Adwords Miracle. The question is, do you want
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material in the future for free– or do you want to jump in
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#5 – …and you even get one last, completely unique
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Sit back and
prepare to love this one: you now also get a live video, where I
show you step-by-step how I write competition-crushing
ads that everyone clicks on
, enabling me to get those
double digit CTR’s and pay cents for even high-priced keywords.
Even if I have never been in a niche before, the techniques work
just as well (and don’t worry if you are an Adwords beginner, it’s
easy to understand, and devestatingly simple in application). In
fact, this one video is probably worth the cost of the package alone,
but you will have to watch it yourself to understand why…

How I create my ads — live video!

one final bonus, let me show you step-by-step how I
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this is the exact process I follow to
create competition-killing ads…

it is so simple that even a complete beginner can follow
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yourself: the pack has been given one very
final, monster update
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Insane extra bonus # 1- A

personal, fully optimized landing
page to make money from affiliate products and Adsense (RRP

The Adwords
Miracle package now includes your own fully developed personal
landing page that is perfectly optimized for you to make money
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links setup to make you job-killing income – no technical skills
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something out…

Please be
aware, this is a special offer I have negotiated for existing AWM
members – my design company will create your own page for you, which
is great if you know nothing about web design and don’t want to
fork out serious cash for a developer

To get a web
designer to create a page like this would cost a few hundred
dollars just to start (my guys normally charge $297), and then you
would have to go through weeks of painful testing
to see
which layout works best to maximise returns. I know because
I went through that pain, and what I came out with on the
other end was this landing page – all you have to do is sign up
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And now, for
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extra bonus #2 – “Affiliate 101” training video – almost
30 minutes long; everything that an affiliate using Adwords
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I have been
making a good living as an affiliate for a while now, and I wanted
to get everything off my chest once and for all. You see, there
is so much bad information out there for affiliates using Adwords.

So, one day
last week, I sat down, turned on my computer and created a
monster, 30 minute training video setting the record straight once
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This video
covers literally every method you can use to promote affiliate
products on Adwords – and exactly how I do it with real life case
studies. If you are an affiliate you don’t have this information
right now, your competitors have a massive edge over you.

I know because
I started out without this information, and had to learn it the
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Everything affiliates need to know about Adwords!

me set the record straight once and for all in this
25 minute training video.

I discuss every aspect of making money from making money
as an affiliate on Google Adwords…

no holds barred content

extra bonus #3 – “Google Slap Exposed ” – the workaround for the Google Slap (RRP? $priceless)

In July 2006, Google changed their algorithm leaving many advertisers out of business. Affiliates using Adwords were hit the hardest and many had their bid prices pushed up as ten bucks a pop! The gurus all jumped on tendering advice that was either impractical (built a hub of a site with 50 unique articles), or just plain didn’t work.

And then, on September 16th, 2006, I finally stepped up to bat with a proven workaround for the Google slap that allows you to use your direct linking / Google Cash methods – along with your squeeze page techniques and one page sales letters– and all the other fun stuff that us direct marketers love.

And still keep your clicks down to those $0.10 prices. Once more, no-one on the planet is onto this – apart from me and my AWM members.

What price you ask? This one is genius and I can’t even attach a price tag to it for anyone who is going to use Adwords / might in the future. And even when the slap came calling again right at the end of 2006… AWM members were protected. I just wish I could say the same for their competitors.

And remember , for AWM members – at least those who order AWM today – this incredible bonus comes as part of the package. That is, at least for now.

This method does not involve hard work on your part – but it does mean lots of love from Google while your competitors are left outside the loop yet again. It’s business as usual for AWM members.

Just make sure you aren’t left outside the loop in 2007…

there you have it… the ultimate Adwords-killing monster
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my competition charge $300 and up for outdated information,
how much should I charge? How about $400? $500… Prepare

I first started selling Adwords Miracle in 2006, I was
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in that time I never received a single request for a refund, and
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put it bluntly, the package size has gone from mad to certified
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you end up with is the perfect, up-to-date, complete package
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if the original was $167, how much is the newly updated

that my competition charge $200-400 for inferior information…

you think I would charge $297, guess again… $247?

I have a shock for you – the price is not what you think

remember this information has actually been added to once
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The day job is just a painful memory…

is another one of Clickbank accounts, all earnings from
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was dirt broke when I started, but now that seems like
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truth, it was only a few months ago. When you get on
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there is no reason this couldn’t be your account in
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fact, I could quite easily charge $597 for this information,
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Miracles – Jan `07 NEW

Quit your day job with Adwords…

Learn the True Insider Methods to AdWords; the ones used by
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Includes over 200 pages of red-hot underground secrets,
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— exposing every last one of my techniques from building
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Now includes my red-hot “Skimming method”
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Also including: Complete Guide to AdWords for Beginners and
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In fact, in the incredibly unlikely event that you are
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in: our latest unsolicited review! According to,
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“. Honest Review
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section on strategy works
“. The
section on writing ads is “truly excellent

a definite thumbs up” and “even the most advanced marketer
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