SEO Quickstart for Beginners

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SEO Quickstart for Beginners

The course will assist you into the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Learning your vocabulary: dive into the language of SEO.

Subjects you will learn about: Keywords, Browse Engine Result Page (SERP), Search Index, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), On Page Optimization, HTML, Tags, Brand name keywords, Money keywords, Long Tail/ Substance key words, Title Tag, Meta Description Tag, H1 Heading, H2 Heading, Text Body, Keyword Stuffing, Supplementary Content, Video Captions, Image Alt Tag, HTML5 vs. Flash, Outbound Links, Internal Hyperlinks, Backlinks, Broken Links, Authority Pages, Trustworthyness, Google Keyword Coordinator, Average Month-to-month Searches, Keyword Idea Lists, Google Suggest, Sistrix Visibility Index, Google Panda Update, Off Page Optimization, Link Graph, Page Rank, Power, mozRank, Link Farm, Black Hat SEO, White Hat SEO, Trustes Sites, Site Authority, Page Authority, Follow, No Follow, Power Trust, Open SEO Stats, Link Collaboration, Social Bookmarks, Web Directory Sites, Anchor Text, Link Research Tools, seoMOZ, Link Profile, Co-Occurrence, Harmful Backlinks, Deep Link, Index Ability, User Sitemap, XML Sitemap, robots.txt, Canonical Links, Pagination, 404 Mistake, 301 Redirect, 302 Redirect, Reaction Code 200, Apache Mod Rewrite, Tidy HTML, Social SEO, Content Discovery

Credits: Cover image by Leonardo Shinagawa on Flickr, CC Licence

The course will assist you into the world of Browse Engine Optimization (SEO).

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